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Welcome to the family.  We’re thrilled you’ve chosen to work with us.  Our goal is to help develop the best multisensory math tutors in the world!  Let’s get to it.

Our Mission:

We promise to provide relief to struggling math students through online learning that is different, convenient, and effective through multisensory experiences.

Tutor Training Portal

All tutor staff must complete all of the training lessons.  You will not be permitted to tutor with a student until you do so.  Get started here.

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To add recordings to your student’s page, please click here.

VIEW Student Assessments

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MFM Team

Adrianne Meldrum - Owner

Kara Scanlon - Director of Curriculum

Cynthia Law - Tutor Trainer

Ruth Bakken - Assessor & Tutor Level 1

Piper Gutridge - Tutor Level 1

Raj Singh - Tutor Level 1

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